EACU Individual Championship

Prior to 2016, the title of EACU Individual Champion was awarded to the player with the highest aggregate score from 2 of the 3 weekend tournaments held in the EACU. These are the Bury St Edmunds Congress, the Norfolk Open Congress at Great Yarmouth and the EACU Congress at Newmarket.

In 2016, the ECF changed its rules requiring that the Union Champion be the Union nomination for the British Championship. It was decided not to hold a competition that year.

In 2018, a single "closed" championship was held to determine the EACU Individual Champion, as well as introducing grading-restricted championships.

EACU Champions
Open Under 170 Under 130
2018 Alan Merry David Payne Polina Shchepinova
2017 Alan Merry
2016 No championship awarded
2015 David Spence
2014 David Spence
2013 Chris Davison
2012 Richard Tozer
2011 Richard Tozer, David Spence
2010 Richard Tozer
2009 Shaun Munson
2008 Shaun Munson, Paul Talsma and Adrian Elwin
2007 David Spence and Paul Talsma
2006 Shaun Munson
2005 Ray Ilett

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