Results for: Bedford D

Date Name Team Board Colour Opponent Team Rating Result
16/01/2020Andrew J ChapmanBedford D2WhitePaul EndersbyMilton Keynes D1191
11/02/2020Andrew J ChapmanBedford D2BlackPeter TaylorLeighton Buzzard B1511
27/02/2020Andrew J ChapmanBedford D1BlackMichael T BotteleyBedford C1600
05/03/2020Andrew J ChapmanBedford D2WhiteNigel YoungNorthampton1460.5
03/10/2019Andrew J ChapmanBedford D2BlackGiuseppe ValerioBedford C1400
31/10/2019Andrew J ChapmanBedford D2BlackAlan HeathMilton Keynes C1400.5
14/11/2019Andrew J ChapmanBedford D2WhiteKevin J WilliamsonLeighton Buzzard B1680.5
17/12/2019Andrew J ChapmanBedford D3WhiteEfraim IeUniversity of Bedfordshire120e1
03/10/2019Andy EvansBedford D5WhiteCallum T ShieldsBedford C1281
27/02/2020Anthony P LawrenceBedford D5BlackDoug PageBedford C50e1
14/11/2019Anthony P LawrenceBedford D5BlackPeter TaylorLeighton Buzzard B1510
16/01/2020Lucian CoxBedford D4WhiteJohn McKeonMilton Keynes D1150.5
27/02/2020Lucian CoxBedford D3BlackAndy EvansBedford C100E1
05/03/2020Lucian CoxBedford D4WhiteSzabolcs FulopNorthampton145 E0
03/10/2019Lucian CoxBedford D3WhitePeter S GillBedford C1350
31/10/2019Lucian CoxBedford D4BlackColin SollowayMilton Keynes C1240
14/11/2019Lucian CoxBedford D4WhiteAdrian MatthewsLeighton Buzzard B1580.5
17/12/2019Lucian CoxBedford D5WhiteNicholas PointonUniversity of Bedfordshire90e1
16/01/2020R David CoxBedford D5BlackSteven WayneMilton Keynes D100e0
11/02/2020R David CoxBedford D4BlackTony ReadmanLeighton Buzzard B1060
05/03/2020R David CoxBedford D5BlackShane AshleyNorthampton1260
03/10/2019R David CoxBedford D4BlackRobert S WalkerBedford C1280
31/10/2019R David CoxBedford D5WhiteJohn McKeonMilton Keynes C1150.5
11/02/2020RW (Mac) MacKenzieBedford D5WhitedefLeighton Buzzard B1
27/02/2020RW (Mac) MacKenzieBedford D4WhiteGeorge GriffithsBedford C110e0
16/01/2020Richard McMorranBedford D3BlackColin SollowayMilton Keynes D1240.5
11/02/2020Richard McMorranBedford D3WhiteC Fred H DornLeighton Buzzard B1381
27/02/2020Richard McMorranBedford D2WhiteRobert S WalkerBedford C1280.5
05/03/2020Richard McMorranBedford D3BlackDavid P CurranNorthampton1361
31/10/2019Richard McMorranBedford D3WhiteDave WellsMilton Keynes C1380.5
14/11/2019Richard McMorranBedford D3BlackBrian J ValentineLeighton Buzzard B1670
17/12/2019Richard McMorranBedford D4BlackDesmond S WeltonUniversity of Bedfordshire95e1
16/01/2020Steve C PikeBedford D1BlackJames NO'D AlexanderMilton Keynes D1570
11/02/2020Steve C PikeBedford D1WhiteBrian J ValentineLeighton Buzzard B1670.5
05/03/2020Steve C PikeBedford D1BlackChris RossNorthampton2110
03/10/2019Steve C PikeBedford D1WhiteDarren ReedBedford C167e0
31/10/2019Steve C PikeBedford D1WhiteRay HollandMilton Keynes C1480.5
14/11/2019Steve C PikeBedford D1BlackPeter C ClarkeLeighton Buzzard B1830
17/12/2019Steve C PikeBedford D2BlackAleksandar JuhaszUniversity of Bedfordshire1211
17/12/2019Toby CoxBedford D1WhiteMichael JosephUniversity of Bedfordshire1631

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