Results for: Peter S Gill

Date Name Team Board Colour Opponent Team Grade Result
09/01/2020Peter S GillBedford C3BlackDave WellsMilton Keynes C1380.5
03/10/2019Peter S GillBedford C3BlackLucian CoxBedford D1121
15/10/2019Peter S GillBedford C3WhiteC Fred H DornLeighton Buzzard B1380.5
12/11/2019Peter S GillBedford C4BlackDavid P CurranNorthampton1360.5
05/12/2019Peter S GillBedford C3BlackEfraim IeUniversity of Bedfordshire120e1

Played: 5 Won: 2 Drawn: 3 Lost: 0 Grade: 149 and 0 wins by default.

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