Results for: Desmond S Welton

Date Name Team Board Colour Opponent Team Grade Result
14/01/2020Desmond S WeltonUniversity of Bedfordshire3BlackPeter TaylorLeighton Buzzard B1510
11/02/2020Desmond S WeltonUniversity of Bedfordshire5WhiteShane AshleyNorthampton1260.5
03/03/2020Desmond S WeltonUniversity of Bedfordshire3WhiteC Fred H DornLeighton Buzzard B1380
17/12/2019Desmond S WeltonUniversity of Bedfordshire4WhiteRichard McMorranBedford D1380

Played: 4 Won: 0 Drawn: 1 Lost: 3 Grade: 101 and 0 wins by default.

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