2018 Milton Keynes Open Knockout Round 1

Knockout First Round

Alan Heath w/o v w/d Abishek Pradhan  
Peter Clarke 0 v  1 Rob Whiteside 12/7/18
James Alexander 1 v 0 John McKeon 28/6/18
Phillip Ekhaesomi   v   Baird McClellan  
Adrian Elwin   v   Richard Freeman  
Ray Holland 1 v 0 Paul Enderby 7/6/18
Dave Wells 1 v 0 Karthik Ramesh 27/9/18
Graham Smith   v    
Time control - 35 moves in 70 minutes plus 10 minutes to finish the game together with a 10second increment from move 1.  
Toss for colour

If the first game is drawn
   1. Play a second game with colours reversed at the same time control.
   2. If that game is also drawn, play a pair of games, one with white, one with black, with 30 minutes each per game.
   3. If the score is 1-all, play a pair of games with 10 minutes each.
   4. If those are also 1-all. repeat the 10 minute games until a winner emerges.

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